#AussieEd Chat Questions

AussieED-06-2016 Promo card V3A
Here are the questions for the June 19th #AussieEd Chat

Please share your name, location and one thing you believe all Ss need to learn effectively.

Question #1
How do students’ basic family and physical circumstances affect their ability to learn?

Question #2
Maslow calls “Safety” the 2nd most important need. Is there more than one kind of safety?

Question #3
What are ways to establish a classroom culture where all students feel they belong?

Questions #4
Maslow said, “Everything I need I’ve already been given.” What do you think he meant by this?

Question #5
If all children comes with unique abilities, how can we help each find and develop those abilities?

Question #6
Why does Maslow place so much importance on honor and recognition?

Question #7
“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Do you agree or disagree?

Question #8
How can changing someone’s awareness result in self-actualization? Do you have an example to share?

Please choose a Maslow quote that you connect with and share with your PLN.

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