I am Ms. Jenaia

Happiness is hanging with Ms. Jenaia at the Nerdy Book Club.

NPHC in Argentina

New Members of The Not Perfect Hat Club say, "Hellllooooo!" (To watch the entire visit click HERE) This joyful picture captures 50 fifth graders at Colegio Newlands School in Buenos Aires saying hello at the start of my virtual visit on September 12, 2017. The visit...

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Beating the Bushes

Asking for money is hard so if you are easily put off by people sharing their dreams and asking for assistance, please stop reading.   As many of you know I'm the author of the CritterKin book series and related programs designed to teach kids kindness and empower...

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Stop Bullying at Its Source

The Solution to Bullying Begins with Kindness "Be kind to unkind people. They often need it the most.” Bullying is a catchall phrase for behavior that results when children (and adults) have no other way to express their pain, anger and frustration than by taking it...

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Becoming Ms. Jenaia

As always, the kids knock my socks off. The questions they ask are smart, intuitive and full of compassion. They have thrown their hearts into the CritterKin story and want answers that make sense. They want what I am hoping my stories give them – a way to see and be in the world that respects, values and cares for other creatures. I want them to learn that stories can help them figure out who they are, what really matters to them, and how they will use that knowledge to create meaningful lives for themselves.

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Your Reputation Precedes You

Click on the Image Above to Learn More Launching new fundraisers makes me nervous.  I’ve created a project I’m excited to share, but what’s the best way to do that? We’ve all encountered entrepreneurs who can’t seem to stop talking about their ideas, and the thought...

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