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The Not Perfect Hat Club Global Reading and Blogging challenge was held from November 2 to December 14, 2015. For seven weeks K – 8 grade students read, wrote, discussed, and created amazing poetry, artwork, songs, stories, videos and much much more related to The Not Perfect Hat Club book. They also partnered with other classrooms around the world to share their ideas, ask questions and collaborate on creative  projects. Some of the highlights are shown below.

Global Ed Rising-FramedB
Global Education is on the rise and there’s no better example than NPHCBlogIt!

India&Argentina Collage1A
Ms. Jenaia and The Not Perfect Hat Club are Circling the Globe!

Many Faces of Newton1A

Drawing Newton Collage5

There are snowflake kids in Mumbai India too!

Drawing Newton -collage 2A

Watch second graders in Mary Carlson’s class in Virginia learn to draw Newton with Ms. Jenaia

Slam Collage2A

Creativity Knows NO Bounds in The Not Perfect Hat Club!
Not one but THREE slam poems from Argentina students – Wow! Wow! WOW!


We're All SpecialIIB
Pawprints and Not Perfect Hats – We’re ALL Special!

Flyball Collage2

Watch Ms. Jenaia introduce the NPHCBlogIt Gang to Flyball

NOt Perfect Hat Collage - HamornB
Not Perfect Hats and Selfie-poems by first graders in Hong Kong!

Goriann-Hi Jena1
Mrs. Heikes’ students have a story to tell about a visit from their own Jabber ;-)

Fifth graders in Argentina sending warm kindness hearts to their friends in the USA
Tech issues made visiting rough, but the smiles still shone through!

In Chapter 7,  Newton howls like a wolf to express his loneliness and frustration.
Here students in Tammy Massman’s third grade class lend their voices to Newton’s!

Gossip Collage2
Understanding the power of words and why gossip hurts!

Nickname Collage CombinedB

I Want Them to Have Such HopeB
A beautiful post by 2nd grade teacher Terry Stoufer

KnedraG1Watch 4th graders in New Zealand sing their waiata (chant) to 4th graders in Texas.
Not Perfect Hat Club collaboration at its best:

Hargrave3From the mouths and Crayons of babes – Mrs. Hargraves Kinders to be precise

Flyball Girls Collage2Watch members of the NPHCBlogIt girls team in Argentina demonstrate their flyball game

Snowing in NPHC2It has been snowing in the Not Perfect Hat Club treehouse this week as students read
and talked about each and every person being unique like each and every snowflake.

Beautiful snowflake from Madison in Mrs. Cernaro’s class talking about what makes
her unique and how she contributes to her class. Love the design of her snowflake!

Have your heard? There are super heroes in the Not Perfect Hat Clubhouse!
They’re NOT perfect but are SUPER at being themselves.

Viviana10What do students in Argentina do to so show their
Not Perfect Hat Club pride? Turn themselves upside down of course!


A tribute to Newton, the canine hero of The Not Perfect Hat Club.
This made him so happy we thought his tail might wag right off!



Meeting with Ms. Jenaia to read The Not Perfect Hat Club and ask questions about critters, kids and crows!


Debby Call - NPHC1Click HERE to watch the video of Debby Call’s first graders talking about being perfectly Not Perfect