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Advertising and marketing has never been easy, but it was a lot simpler when the only options for promotion were print, television and radio. Things got a lot more complicated when the Internet made email, websites, forums, ezines and blogs possible,  but it was social media that really pushed it all into overdrive. These days it’s not enough to have a great product and message, you have to make your presence felt consistently and professionally across a number of media platforms.

I have managed multiple social media streams and can help you craft an effective message and plan a strategy for connecting with each of your communities on individual platforms.

Images for Use on Multiple Platforms

Below are some images I created for use on multiple platforms to promote the CritterKin books and my classroom visits. As you can see, the focus is on creating a compelling image and simple message that will encourage potential clients to visit your site and learn more.









CritterKin and Twitter

Twitter – 140 characters with a powerful punch
My Twitter Handle: @Jenaiamorane

The key to Twitter is finding your community, the people who post to it and the hashtags it uses. Then, you must engage (not just make statements) with that community in ways that show you understand and care about their opinions, concerns, interests and feedback. Although Twitter may seem text oriented, it’s possible to post images and videos to your stream. Twitter’s new live video streaming app, known as Periscope adds another dimension entirely. You can stream live to your followers and they can comment in real-time as well. In other words, used correctly, Twitter is a powerful outreach and community building tool.

I have used Twitter successfully for three years as I built the CritterKin brand, connecting to educators, authors, parents, bloggers and journalists covering topics in my books.  At this point, I have 70.9K Tweets to my name, and have hosted dozens of live Twitter chats (60-minute discussions in which all participants use the same hashtag). Hashtags I use or have still contribute to frequently: #NPHCBlogIt, #NT2t, #AussieEdchat, #INZpired, #TMchat, #Sunchat, #SatChatOC, #ONedchat, #2ndchat, #GlobalEdchat, #Edtechbridge, #WhatisSchool, #BFC530, #TXeduchat,  and #AsiaEd (a slow chat).

Below are some examples of Tweets and images I used in hosting Twitter chats:

#TXeduchat: June 5, 2016

#EDTechBridge – Weekly chat focusing on education and technology

Tweets Used to Promote The Not Perfect Hat Club

CritterKin and FB

Facebook – Make it Personal

Ah Facebook, the ever changing space and place to connect with your community. The key here is to treat your Facebook community like a large extended family.   Here are the Facebook pages and communities I maintain:

Not Perfect Hat Club


Jena Ball:

CritterKin and Pinterest

Pinterest – Visual Stories
For every event and author visit, I create a “board” where it can be chronicled in pictures. Pinterest has proven to be an extraordinary place to archive material and send potential clients for a taste of what we do. The images really do speak louder than words.

CritterKin Pinterest Board
Open an one of the dozens of board to get a feel for author visits and programs.

CritterKin and YouTube
YouTube – Everything Video

Because YouTube is so ubiquitous, I try to post everything here as well as on other video sharing sites such as Vimeo, TouchCast and Animoto. You can see and follow CritterKin’s video stream here:

CritterKin and Animoto

Animoto – Pictures in Motion

We’ve had good luck combining still shots and music using Animoto. It’s great for simple projects that don’t need video. Here is a link to the Animoto I produced after CritterKin’s first year:

CritterKin and Touchcast

TouchCast – Making Video Interactive

TouchCast has made video recording about as simple and intuitive as it can be. It is an app with VERY powerful capabilities such as layers, lighting adjustments, background themes that move, and the ability to divide your screen as you’re filming. But the most powerful piece is the ability to add hot links to the video itself. This means you can pause, play another video, come back to your video, and create a live link to a website on the screen.

I created a TouchCast background theme for teachers and students to use when recording their thoughts about The Not Perfect Hat Club. Kids could color in the black and white drawings, add silhouettes of animals and furniture and write words on their screens.

NPHC Theme Example with Kids - Merged

Original Theme

Now take a look at this adorable video made by Debby Call’s first grade class in New York:

 Debby Call - NPHC1Click HERE or on the image above to view the video