Jena Ball and students sharing a not perfect moment

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“The work that you are doing is critically important and almost totally lacking in elementary curriculum. It is sooo important that kids get a solid foundation in emotional intelligence and appreciate their value as individuals. I firmly believe that the work you are doing with these adorable and enchanting books, visits to classrooms, and seminars with teachers is improving lives for entire communities.” – Allen Partridge, Adobe Systems

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Each CritterKin visit or program includes an interactive reading, discussion, and creative activity designed to help students experience, explore, and integrate what they have learned.

CritterKin Visits
There are four kinds of visits:

  • Single Visit: A one-time, 60 to 90-minute interactive reading, discussion, and creative activity.
  • Three-Part Visit:  Each visit is 60 to 90-minutes in length and includes an interactive reading, discussion, and creative activity. NOTE: The creative activity requires three visits to complete.
  • Six to Eight Visit Program: These programs cover an entire book and are designed to not only explore the central themes of the book but produce a creative project that is representative of the lessons learned.
  • CritterKinpreneurs Program: These programs are designed to help kids not only develop social-emotional skills, but put them to use in a real-world business setting. To date, we’ve had kids make a sell “Not Perfect” hats, toys for shelter dogs, and a monthly newsletter for dog lovers. If this sounds interesting, let’s talk!
  • Grade Range: First through sixth
  • Maximum number of students: 50


  • Single Visits (virtual): $300 + class set of books
  • Single Visits (in-person): $600 per day if location is within driving distance. Additional fees will apply if Jena has to fly and/or stay overnight. Books are additional.
  • Three Visits (virtual): $1,000 + class set of books
  • Six to Eight Visits (virtual): Call for pricing. Cost depends upon which program you want to take part in.
  • Purchase books:


“We had the best day ever! We had a chat with Ms. Jenaia (aka author Jena Ball). It was fun. We got to help save a dog’s life and draw it.” – Felisitee, 4th. grade student, Missouri

“CritterKin was really the most enjoyable experience I have ever had in my 17 years as an educator. I wouldn’t change what we did, and I’d do it all over in a heartbeat!” – Erin Preder, LMC Director, K-5 LMC REP for Valley View School District, Illinois

”Bella read The Not Perfect Hat Club to Zubi (our border collie)! She loved it. She LOVED Newton! She was so excited when I told her about it. I wish I had filmed her reading it. She is working on a little thank you video for you!” – Anna Carswell, mother of Bella and Head of Junior School, Shoalhaven Anglican School, New South Wales, Australia

 “Thanks for the invitation to such a great learning opportunity. You did a masterful job and I am so glad I was able to see it while it was happening! It makes me wish I was still teaching.” – James Michael Root, retired teacher, School Board Member, Liverpool CSD, New York

“ I love this program!!! It’s great on every level for kids – listening, learning and DOING! I especially love all the smiles, giggles and joy filling the room.” – Ann Feldman, District Technology Trainer, Adjunct Professor, Bellevue, Nebraska

Click Here to Download the CritterKin One Sheet

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