Asking for money is hard so if you are easily put off by people sharing their dreams and asking for assistance, please stop reading.
As many of you know I’m the author of the CritterKin book series and related programs designed to teach kids kindness and empower them to discover and develop their unique abilities. One of my biggest challenges has been cutting through all the red tape in schools where funding is almost entirely devoted to teaching common core standards (or their equivalent) and standardized testing. Social emotional learning is almost non-existent in curricula, despite the fact that neuroscience has proven that emotional well-being is a critical component of effective learning.
I finally concluded that the best way around this dilemma was to reach out to the kids and parents themselves. I’m doing this via a kid-driven podcast called, “CritterKin Kids.” This FUN and FUNNY show is hosted by the 8 CritterKin dogs who field questions and interview guests based on input from kids. You can see the artwork, meet the dogs (whose voices are the result of a truly talented group of voice actors), and submit your own questions and suggestions here:
At this point, we are ready to go. We have some amazing guests lined up, questions from kids to answer, the voice talent is in place, and a talented sound editor has been engaged. All that’s lacking is the funding to launch. It isn’t much – hosting fees, a new microphone so I don’t sound like I’m talking in a wind tunnel, the sound editor’s fees, and some bucks for the voice actors.
So….if you like entertaining and educational programming and believe in making kindness a priority by teaching kids the skills they need to become caring, creative, and successful adults, please consider donating a few bucks. You’ll even get some cool little thank you presents. Here’s the link:
P.S. Would LOVE it if you would consider being a guest on the show. See the guidelines on the site.
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