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I did something brave today, and I hope you will consider doing it too. I submitted The Not Perfect Hat Club to the “Children’s Well-Being Initiative” being co-sponsored by Ashoka and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

For those of you who are not familiar with Ashoka, it is a global organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs who are striving to create practical, positive change in the world. Under its  larger umbrella is a wonderful education community that supports schools committed to teaching empathy, kindness and compassion.  That arm of Ashoka (known as Changemakers) recently partnered with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create the initiative.  It is designed to build and fund a network of organizations committed to changing what and how kids learn.

The application process required bravery for two reasons. First, it meant really putting myself and The Not Perfect Hat Club out there to folks who not only know what they are doing, but whom I like and respect as professionals as well.   As always, self-doubts reared their heads and I had to swallow hard before hitting submit. But the second part had to do with drilling down into all aspects of my dream. The submission process is thorough, and forces you to ask and answer all kinds of pesky questions including what do you hope to accomplish and in what time frame? How do you propose to fund your project? Who is already invested? Where are you in the process of development? Do you have feedback and what was it.


The process was surprisingly revealing and helpful. Much to my surprise I already had many of the answers to the questions. For those I didn’t have answers for I was forced to do the nitty gritty work we all tend to avoid. As a result I have a much clearer overview of the whole project and have fine tuned my ability to present it.

So….I urge any and all of you involved in projects designed to help children grow into creative, caring and effective adults to submit those projects to the initiative. You will be joining a global network of like-minded people and organizations, and you will have a chance to get some funding as well.


Below is the information you will need to submit:


When you or your colleagues submit a project (due no later than June 22nd) please do me the favor of mention that Jena Ball of The Not Perfect Hat Club was the source, ie the person who recommended you. That will allow The Not Perfect Hat Club to be written about and featured on their contributors’ page.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Email me at: JenaBall@CritterKin.com. .I look forward to seeing your friends and projects become part of the community!

P.S. If you would stop by The Not Perfect Hat Club page and like it, I would be grateful: http://bit.ly/25l3fTx


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