Selfie Jena and Ms Jenaia FramedI’ve always liked the idea of people becoming so close to their dogs that they actually begin to look like them. So you will understand why Matthew Winner’s  #WRAD2014 Selfie project appealed to me.  Launched as a way to celebrate and call attention to World Read Aloud Day, the idea is simple. Folks choose a favorite character from a children’s book, take a photo of themselves – a “Selfie” – with a likeness of that character, then replace their current profile photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. with that image. The likeness could be anything from a stuffed animal (think Winnie the Pooh), a cardboard cutout or a photo.

Needless to say this seemed ready made for CritterKin. We have eight goofy mutts and one slightly off beat human to choose from and kids are always saying how much they identify with one or more of the characters.  So tell us, who is your favorite mutt and why. Not sure who they all are? Visit

World Read Aloud Day is “…an opportunity to celebrate reading, writing and sharing with your entire  community.” It falls on March 5th this year, and Ms. Jenaia and the mutts will be doing several readings both before and on the day itself.. This day is near and dear to our hearts because the ability to read is such a powerful way to make learning a joy for kids. Plus, if you are unable to read, it limits your life terribly. There are currently 793 million people who cannot read and WRAD Day is held in their honor. If you would like to know more about how you can celebrate and help improve literacy, please visit:  These folks are storytellers, so we’re fans.