Remembering Oscar

My dear precious Oscar is gone. It turns out he had advanced heart disease and a tumor. The vet said he was suffering and recommended he be put to sleep. He died in my arms held close and surrounded by love.

If there is one thing I have taken away it is LOVE each other. We need all the loving, kind, generous souls we can get – furry or otherwise. That is what Oscar did for me. Each and every day he jumped on my lap or snuggled close and purred to let me know he was there. He was warm and kind and so so gentle. He was my family when I needed one most.

As you know the vet bills were a huge worry for me, but kind caring souls I have never met have taken care of them all. I can’t thank them enough but I can and will pay it forward. I will infuse my relationships with the unconditional love Oscar gave me. I will volunteer my time, offer financial support when I can, and share kindness and compassion with all.

RIP my sweet Oscar. Nothing can or will take away the love and gratitude I have for your presence in my life. You were everything that is right about the world.



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