So many people I know say they are disgusted by politics and refuse to watch or read the news. While I understand the sentiment and desire not to focus on the insanity that seems to be plaguing our government at the moment, isn’t that like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand and hoping the unpleasantness will go away?
A successful democracy depends on citizens staying informed and engaged. And I worry about our kids. If we don’t give them places to discuss what is going on and the tools they need to form and express their opinions in articulate and measured ways, how will they be prepared to take the reins of government – to learn, practice, and exercise their abilities to help shape and change our country for the better?
While the news is not pretty at the moment, engaging doesn’t have to mean engaging in unkind, hateful, or negative rhetoric. Please stay informed. Please keep talking. And PLEASE stay focused on love and the many things that unite rather than divide us. 
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