“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work Jena Ball is doing with kids and Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness. If you are in the giving spirit, give her a boost. It’s a great way to support art, literature and kids!” – Allen Partridge, Adobe Systems

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CritterKin means animal family and is based on the lives of eight goofy, mixed breed dogs and the people who love them. Each dog in the CritterKin pack has a story to tell that focuses on a particular topic that’s important to kids. For example, the story of Lance (a big, black, misunderstood pit bull) deals with prejudice and bullying, while Newton (a purebred golden retriever) must cope with imperfection and failure.

The overall goal of CritterKin is to use stories, creative activities, and real-world projects to help kids learn vital life skills. These include self-awareness, empathy, collaboration, and creative problem-solving along with more traditional skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

CritterKin grew out of my own experiences in public school (where I was thoroughly bored and bullied for being different) and is based on solid neuroscientific research. That research demonstrates that social-emotional skills are vital to children’s overall well-being as well as their ability to learn.

If you, like me, believe that kids are our future – that what and how we teach them matters – I hope you’ll consider supporting CritterKin. Together we can help our kids grow into kind, caring, capable adults who are ready to tackle the world with confidence and joy.

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